Thursday, June 9, 2011


In addition to developing the construction in the city of Surabaya, local governments appear to also beautify the city of Surabaya, with personal hygiene, and adorned with gardens work local leaders with the whole community, Surabaya finally established as the cleanest city in Indonesia, the metropolitan level.
ADIPURA Award in 2011 which achieved the city of Surabaya, not separated from the support of the people of Surabaya with goverment. Presiden Susilo Bambang Yuhoyono given directly to the mayor of Surabaya Mother Risma. Surabaya mayor has a lot to beautify the town with landscaped gardens good. I'm very proud of the success.

Sura-Madu Bridge Night

This bridge is a bridge connecting the island of Java with madura.Its so beautiful at night with colorful lights.More people coming from various regions in Indonesia, would like to see the splendor of've ever passed? you should try to come to the city of Surabaya,Indonesia.
By looking at the condition of development in the city of Surabaya, which so rapidly, many neighboring countries who want to establish.New information in the media, new zealand country also wants to invest, especially in this metropolitan city.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Bridge is a historic development for the island of Java and the island madura.this bridge connects the Area is situated in the eastern part of Java island city of Surabaya and Madura island section is located in the town of Bangkalan.
Inauguration longest bridge which was opened by the President of Indonesia, Mr.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.the expected positive is to accelerate the rate of the economy in these two islands, particularly on the island madura.also open lines of positive relations in all fields.

Suro-Boyo Monument

Suro-Boyo Monument is a place to remember how the city surabaya.Story ancestors, that along the river in the city of Surabaya has been the battle between a fish with a crocodile Suro (Boyo). Battle lasted a long time, until eventually won by crocodile.after that, there are naming the area with the name become the second metropolis after the city jakarta.progress of regional economic good development.I quite proud of my hometown, although there are still shortcomings that.Hope surabaya city becomes productive city in all that positive.

Bamboo Sharp

One of the historic monument is a monument to commemorate this bamboo runcing.tempat surabaya fighters who only use the bamboo to defeat the invaders using a complete weapon.
Story of their courage, we need to look up with creative ideas in their continuing struggle to build the country for independence Indonesia is currently not in vain.

Monument of Heroes

Monument of Heroes is the most historic place for "Arek Suroboyo" . who fought against the invaders to the death.more fighters who died in battle at the time, because the weapons are not balanced with colonizer.with the spirit of independence and the help of God Almighty, the nation could defeat the invaders despite Indonesia with a bamboo sharp weapon.thought shows logic does not make sense, a sharp bamboo can beat a long-barreled even a Tank.It's all because of the greatness of Allah SWT.This story is part of Indonesian history

Story of Mojopahit Hotel

Surabaya many historic places for the nation Indonesia.Hotel Mojopahit Tunjungan located on the street is a silent witness to the story of struggle "Arek Suroboyo" who was struggling to sacrifice lives for the freedom fighters bangsa.Keberhasilan at the time was rip dutch blue flag, a flag of Indonesia . The success is not easy, a lot of lives who died in a decrease belanda.Karena flag fighter at that time only carry weapons bamboo spears and spirit of independence.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Olympic Hotel

Olympic Hotel is located on Jl Urip Sumoharjo, Surabaya, Indonesia is part of the historical story struggle against colonial Surabaya during netherland.Tnahts place, do not have memories of such Mojopahit hotel, but a silent witness of the incident at the time.